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Marketing & PR

“We achieved visibility of very granular topics in processing NPS surveys to adjust our service, and we managed to have and integrated report of our campaign performances in all our social media in Latin America and Brazil.”

Gastón Manganiello

Digital Analytics Corporate Manager

Arcos Dorados

Customer Service

“In Keepcon, we’ve found a partner who constantly helps us to be more efficient without losing focus on the client. It’s a combination of methodology and strategy, applied to an innovating software that helps us potentiate and understand the social media ecosystem.”

Rodrigo Osorio

Customer Service Manager


Marketing & PR

“With Keepcon, we’ve achieved real-time visibility of what is happening in our networks, and managed to establish a daily alert system that allows us to answer more promptly to the demands of our digital community.”

Lazaro Quintin

Institutional Communication Manager

Grupo Arcor

Listening, understanding
and acting quickly

Take advantage of our platform’s semantic technology in order to improve the effectivity of your customer service across all digital channels, getting insights that will allow you to identify your customers’ dissatisfactions, so that you can give timely instructions to your Contact Center operators.

Answer more requests from social media, mails, chats, WhatsApp and apps without increasing the number of operators.

Give better and quicker answers to your customers’ requests, questions and enquiries, with the assistance of our Artificial Intelligence tools.

Audit all conversations from the contact center, and make improvement decisions based on analytical data.

Why should you use Keepcon to improve customer service and manage crisis?

We know you need accurate, relevant, real-time information.

But you won’t have the time to configure another tool from scratch. Don’t worry! We’ll do it for you, and help you get the best results. :D


Reduce Average Operating Time

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Improve your customer satisfaction indicators.


Improve your Fist Contact Resolution score.

Customer Retention

Lower retention costs of present customers.

Customer Effort Score

Minimize your customers’ efforts to fulfill their requests.

Customer Churn Rate

Reduce cancelations or dropouts.

How do we do it?

All of this is possible thanks to Keepcon’s “semantic secret”, which enables you to get a much better knowledge of your customers by processing all their conversations across digital channels:

Automatic typification of their reasons to get in touch

• Prioritization and routing into thematic attention queues

• Suggested answers for the contact center operators to respond in the least time possible

• Automatic Call Distribution

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