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How can we help you?

An insight is an insight, but its meaning is different for everyone.

Keepcon values all the areas that interact through text with customers and users in the digital channels. We know that each sector requires precise, relevant information, and in real time.

Customer Service

• Reduced costs and improved efficiency in contact center management, centralizing all digital channels in our service platform.

• Chatbot to automatize customer service.

• Automatic answers in hybrid model and/or chatbot to automatize attention.

• Automated process of quality auditing, applying Logios conversational analytics (Speech Analytics applied to digital channels).

Customer Experience

• Keepcon’s survey platform allows you to classify open answers with precision and granularity, and automatically identify business processes that impact on customer satisfaction / dissatisfaction.

• Increased Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Marketing & PR

• Our Social Media Listening solution provides you with a detailed understanding of written comments and their underlying sentiments, allowing you to know exactly what is happening and how to act.

Legal & Operations

• Our automatic document-processing solution allows you to extract and understand the content of big-sized documents in an automatic fashion and with the highest level of reliability.

The best skills of robots and humans
combined in one and the same place

Semantics makes the difference

Keepcon combines the best of artificial intelligence with the capacity of dozens of linguists specialized in semantics, giving rise to diverse solutions that allow you to understand big volumes of information in an automated fashion, as well as accurately classify contents and expressions written in informal Spanish, Portuguese and English.

And don’t worry! We’ll be in charge of the continual configuration, so that you can focus on activating the improvements identified on the basis of our insights.

Where we intervene, which are the problems we solve

It’s like having in your mind all of your customer conversations at the moment you need them.

Customer service

Give better and faster answers to all requests and complaints, by centralizing in one platform all the digital channels of your customer service, as well as incorporating artificial intelligence to guide your operators.

Reduce the number of requests at the Contact Center thanks to our advanced hybrid automation models or our Chabtot service.

Automatize the process of quality auditing with our conversation analytics tool.

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Customer experience

Be prompt to identify which business processes you need to optimize in order to improve the experience, and process ALL the open answers in your NPS surveys.

Improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty rates.

Combine the survey analysis with a holistic approach that incorporates what is being said in social media or digital channels for customer service.

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Marketing & communications

Find out what your customers are saying in social media, get alerts in case of contingencies, and be able to respond before anybody else.

Collect in one dashboard all the real-time information about your brand performance across different digital channels.

Make better decisions based on data, quickly identifying your campaigns’ success or failure factors in order to optimize your budget.

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Legal & Operations

You can process in a few minutes something that would take hours to a human being, in order to quickly understand what is being said in those thousands of pages.

It improves processes, minimizing errors and regulatory non-compliances.

It automates the tasks of text extraction, understanding and categorization, as well as file digitalization.

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A platform all Smart Doers (Data Driven Doers) love

What are Smart Doers? They are those executives who do, who do a lot, but with intelligence. With data.

What’s the difference between doing things with and without data?

You avoid risks.
You increase efficiency.
You earn credibility and trust.

Keepcon’s “semantic secret” enables Smart Doers to go faster than virality… and as all of us know, virality goes very fast ;)

Our customers

Companies in need of accurate, quick and effective information to understand what their customers and users say.

Marketing & PR

“We achieved visibility of very granular topics in processing NPS surveys to adjust our service, and we managed to have and integrated report of our campaign performances in all our social media in Latin America and Brazil.”

Gastón Manganiello

Digital Analytics Corporate Manager

Arcor Group

Customer Service

“In Keepcon, we’ve found a partner who constantly helps us to be more efficient without losing focus on the client. It’s a combination of methodology and strategy, applied to an innovating software that helps us potentiate and understand the social media ecosystem.”

Rodrigo Osorio

Customer Service Manager


Marketing & PR

“With Keepcon, we’ve achieved real-time visibility of what is happening in our networks, and managed to establish a daily alert system that allows us to answer more promptly to the demands of our digital community.”

Lazaro Quintin

Institutional Communication Manager

Grupo Arcor


Remember: we interpret texts, not thoughts.

So, if you are thinking of getting in touch with us, write to us now, and we’ll answer with the speed of a robot and the warmth of a human being… :)

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