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Deep Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Linguistic Patterns
Deep Neural Networks
Linguistic Patterns
Real-time Automation
Natural Language Processing
Machine Learning
Expert System
Typo/Error Correction
Grapheme Similarity
Multiple Languages
Semantic Technology

Multiple Touchpoints

We help companies embrace a customer-centric approach. Our plaform connects to multiple touchpoints including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, clipping, NPS surveys, web forms, email and more.

Making sense of complexity

We combine a unique word recognition engine with rules and statistically based classification techniques.

Linguistic Patterns

We have developed a proprietary language based on the configuration of linguistic patterns to detect complex expressions

Deep Learning

The algorithms we use are based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence that self-improves with every piece of classified content

Our technology recognizes over
6.5 million variations per word
Our Technology

Monitoring & Listening

We provide ad-hoc taxonomies for each customer which allows us to tag the content accurately and with the highest level of specificity in the industry.

Customer Care

Empower your community managers to providing fast, world-class attention over social networks.


Identify and handle inappropriate content before they hurt your community.

Campaign Analysis

Optimize ad-investment by measuring campaign performance in real-time


Your most relevant indicators at-a-glance


Instant notifications based upon customizable thresholds

User Profiling

Keepcon matches users' social ID from Facebook and Twitter with your CRM data to create comprehensive user profiles

Always Up-To-Date

We can understand the user's historical interactions and also identify demographic aspects to update their profiles automatically

Then we tailor that data to each area of your team

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