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The growth of the Service of Social Customer in Twitter

According to a recent study performed by the consultancy Simply Measured, 30% of trademarks that integrate the top 100 of Interbrand have a twitter account destined, exclusively, to offering Customer Service. This decision not only increases commitment of the brand with its clients, but also keeps claims and complaints of the users away from the main account of the trademark.

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Even if this data can be interpreted as a positive tendency, brands are still far away from getting the percentages of response expected from users. As the report shows, the average of response of customer care to all references, during the analyzed period (3 months), was 42%, and the best one was 75% for one account. Meanwhile, only 5 of the analyzed accounts kept the levels of response over 60%.

Also, the average time of response was 5.1 hours, too much to cover the expectations of Twitter users. And only 10% of the accounts had an average time lower than one hour.

Among the trademarks that registered the best timing of response, were Microsoft (0.7 hous), American Express (1.3 hours) and UPS (1.5 hours). While the last place goes to BlackBerryHelp, whose average time of response was 19.7 hours.

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The final conclusion of the analysis indicates that, with increasing demand of Customer Service, brands have more opportunities to grow and improve their image among consumers. However, in order to achieve this, companies will have to committo give a quick and suitableanswer for the request and expectations of their clients. The low performance on the response (the low percentage of tweets answered within a very extended time) has to do with the fact that big companies have not yet adopted advanced technology solutions, which allows them to solve this issue. Facing an increasing volume of inquiries that arrive through the social networks, brands will have to incorporate a technological service of high performance that allows them to face the demand in a quick and effective way.

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