Keepcon provides automatic content moderation using artificial intelligence.

Our semantic technology helps you build strong online communities that stay both relevant and meaningful.

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How do we do it? Watch the video:

<strong>How do we do it?</strong> Watch the video:
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Integrate easily with Keepcon

Keepcon integrates fast and seamlessly to your community. Take a look

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    Someone in your community adds units of content

    The units of content may be any kind of text (comments, posts, etc), images or video. As soon as units of content are posted on any of your social media channels, they are delivered to Keepcon to be analyzed.

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    Keepcon’s platform receives and analyzes the content

    Our intelligent semantic robot automatically analyzes & moderates units of content. When units of content look ambiguous, he tags them and sends them to a manual operator.

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    The content gets accepted or rejected, and it’s delivered

    Units of content are accepted or rejected according your moderation polices. We provide extensive knowledge on the multiple ways inappropriate content can be expressed.

Are you looking for manual moderation? Keepcon also provides a manual moderation platform like you've never seen before. Interested? Find out more »

What makes Keepcon special

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The science behind

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