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Semantic Technology
We have developed powerful semantic technology to understand
unstructured informal texts. We can recognize a word in more than
6.5 million possible variations - derived from formal
language conjugation to any kind of deformation - by just registering its root.

On top of our recognition capabilities, we have developed technology that
combines linguistic pattern technology and machine learning techniques.
To get the best out of them, we test several configuration sets to evaluate
which of them perform better. Thus, we can configure tailor-made
and complex classification rules that best suit your needs.


REALTIME & 24/7/365

We classify all contents to know their topic and sentiment (what´s being said and in what mood) in real time all day, all week with excellent precision rate.


Responding by mail or over the phone costs 5 to 8 times more than the automatic way.


Our automated and assisted response features reduces the response time by 30%.


Our dashboards and reports combines hard data with unique qualitative insights stemming from Keepcon's automatic classification.

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In 2008, during a trip in Europe, Julio Guzman (future partner of Keepcon) met a Frenchman who worked as a moderator for a digital newspaper. While observing his work, he became interested in the fact that this person did not count on a tool that would make his tasks more professional and so more efficient.

Upon returning to Buenos Aires, Julio dedicated himself in investigating the possible solutions available for moderating user-generated content on the web and discovered that there was no technology developed for such a task in the world.

After a year of extensive investigation and developing, a society between Julio, Matias, Dan and Adrian began and officialized the birth of Keepcon: a company based on semantic technology that applies content moderation.

For Keepcon to be able to offer this technology as a service is the result of constant investment in R&D and an internal culture that promotes intellectual challenging, curiosity, teamwork and an environment which builds on enjoyment and creativity.